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niños bañándose portada

Let´s go to a Summer Camp!

The date is coming. And many of you have lived and gone through (thanks to God) nervous days, sewing and preparing costumes, going to all stores in the city to find that red bowler hat like all her classmates had… You have suffered that “catchy” song loop repeated for days at all hours learning it and dancing it for the final course party and now… you are starting to miss it… The countdown starts. There are just a few days left till the holidays begin. With huge smiles on their faces they announce it to you and you, you’ll keep working until August. You live it like going to the gallows … In #TheNowFamily have the solution: Summer Camps. Wowww !!!


i´m your father

When you want to have a baby just to say “I´m your father”…

It is assumed that everyone has a hobby, something of what we every day learn more and with which we do not mind spending hours. Everyone usually love something above all things. Something that shows our more “rare” side. But it is only when the like for something goes to extremes, when we can really talk about that term: Geek.

Today, Geek Pride Day, we want to “explain” and give a vote of support for all those daddies and mommies of #TheNowFamily that most mortals look with eyes of surprise.



And your name is… Skywalker

Yes, finally that so-waited moment is coming. Your baby is already here in your arms, ready to be cuddled and loved. You imagine yourself calling him/her “My sweet baby” all the time but… what about others…? How will others call your baby? Your baby has to have a name, isn’t it? Do you think your “baby” will appreciate you calling them “baby” when having 15 years? When those teenage hormones are running through their veins as a Russian roulette with ups and downs, it would be better for them to have at least a name to not be upset with!

Choosing a name for your baby is a serious business! So, it would be better to take it with the right attitude. This moment is the one which brings discussions between different parts of the family. Daddy wants  to name him like the latest famous soccer player, mummy wants the most original name for him. And what about grandpa? And grandma? They have their right on this, too!



Is not winter, is not summer. Take care. It´s May!

You know that time of the year, when the winter is already a “beautiful” memory and the summer makes herself waiting way too much? That moment of the year when even spring lost her identity? Yes, that one. The strangest month of the year, together with October. Ok, May, here we go, allergies and sneezes. Hello.

And let’s not forget about the clothes. Shall we put the coat on or is it enough a t-shirt? For all those mothers struggling with their kids, let’s have a minute of silence. It is not the easiest moment of the year for them. Since we, here, at Oblumi, want to take care of our beloved mums, we’ll send you some good vibes and little advices on how to manage the emergency situation called “May, I hate you”, sniffles & Co.



I want to be Mother! Assisted reproduction. Yes or no?

It is a fact that the main difference between men and women is that they can not conceiving a child. Women to date hold this “power” of nature. But, what about those women who under certain circumstances have it harder to conceive?

Fortunately, researches and advances in the field of human reproduction along with the applications of new technologies are making possible the dream of many women to conceive and give birth to a new being.

But, as they should always being, these practices also have their detractors. Far from being a common concept that a woman wants to be a mother (biological with their 9 months included gestation) at all costs, there are people who believe that if a woman can not or is unable to become pregnant, should be for some explanation of nature that we have yet to understand … beyond metaphors and “natural” explanations, the truth is that every day there are more women who decide to go (by choice or because it is the last solution found) to medical centers for assisted reproduction.



Paint and color your own Mother´s Day Gift

The best gift is the one that you make with your own hands and #TheNowFamily has the better solution. 

May is the month of flowers, spring and #CoolMamma ´s Month. For that reason Oblumi´s blog wants to give you the better way to say how cool your mamma is.

Purchased gifts are ok. But she made you from herself so nothing much better than a present make with your hands.



Mum You Rock

The day is coming … the Mother`s day. Moms, these alien beings living on earth. They are able to see the future, to predict it. They know the  weather we will have, the cold or the heat you’re going to have, before you walk out the door without even looking how is the weather day through the window. They are able to spend their hand even before you fall, working 48 hours without hardly sleep for their children, her partner and her family do not lack of anything.

Are those humans whose energy seems to last more than for the rest but … They just are women, normal, of flesh and bones and … mothers.

Therefore they are cool, so cool.



Sneezes and snots… Welcome spring!

Already arrived, it is here! And with it, flowers, pollen, sneezes and snots… Welcome spring! We so love you! Allergy sufferers revere you.

Relax, do not panic! It is only one season. 3 months…. just three months, come on …

For those who suffer allergy, going for a walk, to the park, jogging, or any other outdoor activity becomes a true martyrdom. In fact, they see such a beautiful thing as a flower and run faster than a greyhound.


portada besos

Kiss me

We are not corny in #TheNowFamily (at least try not to be) but there are things we like a lot and we can not deny. Who does not like receiving and giving kisses?

On the occasion of International Kissing Day, we wanted to tell you why you feel so good being kissed and the benefits to health of them.

Tomorrow, April 13 is International Kissing Day, so prepare to kiss … Besa Mucho!


niño autismo

Autism (ASD), a special, but not a separate world

If you who are reading this text have a son or daughter, nephew, sibling or any familiar within the autism spectrum, possibly you know what means to live with someone born with this disorder. It involves facing challenges which are totally different from the ones of ordinary families.