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sindorme de down

I have Down Syndrome, what´s the problem?

This was the phrase with which last year in the world down syndrome day the Spanish actor Pablo Pineda, was stated in the newspaper El Mundo. And we ask ourselves today, of course, and why not? This actor from Malaga, not only expressed in this natural way but also, with his words showed a maturity and a personal pride, that many of us already wanted.


montessori (2)

What is Montessori Method and how to apply it.

Today, in #TheNowFamily we are interested in the educational method everybody is talking about. We have heard a lot but… ¿What is Montessori? Where does it came from? What is about?

To get to know it better we should talk about its founder, the doctor María Montessori, who was born in Italy in 1870. She graduated at University of Rome, being the first women to become a doctor in Italy.

She was an entrepreneur in so many ways. She created the first “Casa dei bambini” in 1907 which was famous for revolutionize the whole educational environment because she didn’t focus on an specific theoretical method, on the contrary, she had the kids as the important point within the education. (more…)

I Congreso de Wearables y Big Data en Salud

Last Tuesday we were invited to the First Congress of Wearables and Big Data on Health held in Madrid, in the School of Design and Innovation (ESNE) in Madrid to present our Oblumi device. This conference was created with the aim of bringing together in one place for professionals in the health and technological fields and discuss the possible evolution and expansion of Wearables and Big Data for health. (more…)

Technological gifts for babies

There are many gadgets for babies and their environment, either directly to them or their care to make us more comfortable, here are some of the most interesting from our point of view.


Back to the store with some educational apps

The summer holidays are over. So, out of the blue, without warning, by hook, by Night and treachery. Back to work for Dads return to daycare for the little ones. Oh, back to the store! Finally. To encourage and make your routine a little more bearable we have selected for you a range of educational applications that will keep the little ones entertained while they learn and play. By the way, do not forget your little glued to the screen and play it often! (more…)

How to tell if your baby has a fever

One of the biggest concerns for new parents is to know when your baby is sick. Measure the temperature is one of the first things we do to make sure if it is right or wrong. But once we take the temperature we have to know how to interpret the results, and we should not treat it like temperature of an adult.

Even 37,5º we should worry, there is within normal.

From 37.5 ° to 38 ° is considered as fever.

From 38th is considered as fever and high fever above 39 °, but we need not associate with greater severity.

Manufacture prototype device

We already have the first units for assessment !! have been handmade using high quality electronic components, which ensures good accuracy and stability in the temperature measurement. This results in high levels of quality Oblumi keep both the device and the Software. (more…)

Everis Foundation Entrepreneurs Award

We are extremely happy after being selected as finalists in the 2014 Entrepreneur Award organized Everis Foundation. Since 2001, the year in which the foundation was created, the aim of this organization has been investing in innovation and support entrepreneurs.

Our project was presented in the category of Biotechnology and Health” and together with projects such as a system for detecting the bacterium Legionella, until a new system to transport organs for transplantation. Large and ambitious projects and people behind these projects with great enthusiasm and desire to change the world.

For us it was a pleasant surprise shortlisted for the final stage of the awards out. We want to thank the treatment received and the great organization of the event.

Foro Lince 2014

First Edition Forum Lynx in Jaén, in which 50 interesting projects were presented. The aim of the Forum was contacting Lynx investors with entrepreneurs to secure funding from the ideas presented. Our project was one of five winners who presented to the plenary IFEJA, loved seeing the interest aroused by the event attendees.

A conference where besides the exhibition of projects could attend lectures with a very interesting topic for entrepreneurs profiles.

We would welcome the opportunity you have given us the Lynx Forum has been a great experience. We leave you with a short video summary of the event. (more…)

Oblumi will be in Lince 2014

 You may be a whiz to take

This is the way the event for entrepreneurs and ideas Lynx is presented. Lynx aims to disseminate the entrepreneurs of the province an ideal to promote innovative ideas and projects scenario. During these two days a series of conferences will take place, all of them with the goal to boost every province entrepreneur’s project.

Oblumi will be present with a stand in the area of networking and will participate in working groups and coaching. The four best projects will be selected and presented to the plenary of the project participants.

This is an event that we highly recommend and every entrepreneur cannot miss it. See you in the networking area, we have a surprise in store!