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deporte niños portada

The importance of sport for the children ‘s health

Sport helps children to develop both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of our daily life. Practicing any kind of sport from an early age helps children in many ways, especially group activities improve interaction and social integration, as well as improving the mental level and making a healthy lifestyle in adulthood more likely as the habits we acquire as children are often to stay.


portada mum you rock blogueras

Being a mum: a challenge or a funny adventure? #MumYouRock

 Ok, not everybody will agree, but being a mom is the most difficult challenge a woman can go through their life you. Yes, yes, laugh at algebra, neperian logarithms and quantum physics.

Whether you are already a mom if you are a mom-to-be, if you think to become in the future or if you are a great auntie, this article is dedicated to you. Woman.


portada familia completa thenowfamily

Zapp´s Family: 17 years journey. 4 children. Love hasn´t a specific place.

“The World will always be there for you. But you will not always be in the world. Time passes and there is nothing that can be done. The only thing is not to let your life go as well. “

Anyone who has fallen in love at least twice in their lives knows that every story is likely to be different and unique, but today we have changed our way of approaching a partner. But love is a complex force and as such, sometimes it offers film scripts.

This is exactly the case with Herman and Candelaria Zapp who in 2000 decided that their life would be like a movie … a film in which the journey would have been the protagonist. An on-the-road trip aboard a 1928 Graham-Paige.



#MumYouRock Contest – Because a mum needs a cup of coffee…

At #TheNowFamily we want to celebrate Mother’s Day with a gift wich we believe that all mothers use more than once a day: the #MumYouRock’s cup by Oblumi .

In addition, the gift includes an Oblumi Tapp* (Conditions at the end)


Día bicicleta

Pregnancy and bicycle = a good team! Bicycle World Day

Are you pregnant? Do you love sports and you do not know  do not know what can you do?

Since today we celebrate World Bicycle Day we want to support those future moms who do not want to leave aside their exercises and sports activity during their pregnancy.

When a woman practices a sport on a regular basis, can she goes on her training during pregnancy? At first, yes, unless it is a risky practice or there is a problem in pregnancy. A good example is women who enjoy running and continue to do so during pregnancy. They should only modify their routine a little, not to exhaust themselves, and leave it in the last months, since the volume of the belly is too big and the fact that there is more risk of strains by the relaxation of the ligaments.


el kamasutra de los besos portada

Kamasutra Kisses. Let´s kiss!

It is not that we have gone crazy. It just happens that we are almost always talking about children, babies, if they cry, if they are bad, “Mom I don´t want to go to school”, “Daddy I don´t  want to eat lentils” … And about everything related with the amazing life in parenthood … But for that there are children in the world everything begins (or should begin) with a good kiss!


portada ciclogreen

If I pay you, would you move? Interviewing Ciclogreen, new app pays your workout

We want to celebrate World Health Day, dedicating it to one of our favorite way of transport and, perhaps, the healthiest one: the bicycle. And about Ciclogreen, a new company that pays you for using the 2 wheels way of transport.


portada eva luna

“There is no better company than those who make you love life, and those are our autistic children” (Eva Luna)

“I am Capable” was the motto that last year served us to start talking about #TheNowFamily about Autism.

The next day April 2 is celebrated World Autism Day and, since this year we have a little more knowledge, we wanted to have the advice and experience of those who know more, mothers and fathers. In this case, a mother, a fighter as few as I dare say, Eva Luna.


primavera spring PORTADA

As long as there is springtime in the world, there will be poetry!

Spring is here! And although we know that with it also come the allergies, sneezing, colds, fever, snot and malaise typical of spring asthenia, this year the good weather has arrived on a very special day: the day of poetry.


Papa dad son hijo

Man, today is your day, Dad!

Yes, there is a day for everything. Possibly, even for the most absurd things we could thought. But today is the day for all those who, being parents or not, are there helping, collaborating, defending and betting for  the little geniuses of the future who are children, have a better world to live.