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Reyes magos portada

Traditions on Epiphany day around the world

If you are not from Spain probably you don’t used to write a letter to Magi (Reyes Magos). The world is divided into 2 parts, those who receive gifts from Santa Claus on the night from 24th to 25th of December and those who patiently wait for the Reyes Magos on the night from 5th to 6th of January. This feast is also known as the “Festival of the three Magi” – “Fiesta de Los tres Reyes Magos”


Ohana English

Best Christmas movies to watch these winter holidays

These days when we have our children at home, the Christmas decorations, waiting for Santa Claus to come to town, it is really hard to keep our little ones calm and quiet. These are the perfect moments to watch all together a nice movie to enjoy together and relax in the sofa. The time to digest all the Christmas food and prepare for the New Year’s Eve party!

Here you can find a fun list of movies that will make you smile, make you drop tears of emotion and give you moments of serenity with your beloved family. Get ready to relax, because you’re about to spend a wonderful time watching these movies! (more…)

xmas navidad

Un unforgettable Christmas with your little ones

Kids are at home and craziness rules your world. Everything is messed around and you have to do so many other things in order to get everything ready for the party, that you are losing your mind, literally! Christmas is around the corner.

Family is coming to lunch, gifts have to be still prepared and your kids, ohhh… At home!

portada regalos salud

#8 Gifts to take care of your health

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an athlete? You’re lucky! There are so many products out there that help us stay in shape and take care of our health and moreover all of them are so trendy right now! With nowadays technology, many are the accessories to use while practicing sports by connecting them with your latest smartphone.


regalos tecnológicos

#7 Tech gifts for “hipsters” – Christmas Edition 2016

For sure you know someone who lives (literally) connected to his mobile, who does not go running without his smart-quantifier bracelet, someone who just reads if it is on his new brand retina screen. One who is continually making odd gestures with his finger on his watch (no, he is not cleaning it) and he has mysterious calluses on his thumbs. Well, do not worry, these more and more common symptoms are not due to a disease transmitted by the fat lint mite that is always under the bed, nor is he Steve Jobs’ cousin.

This strange being is simply a geek of technology, what is commonly called ‘Hipster’ and for him to survive, he needs micro- Chips, wi-fi technology and preferably something that needs to charge by USB every 10 minutes at least. What a mess! Now what do you do? What gifts to give them? Do not worry! In Oblumi we think of (almost) everything and we have prepared for you the definitive Guide of technological gifts – Christmas Edition 2016 –


regalos originales para navidad

#6 The most original gifts for Christmas

If you are one of those who want to be different when making a present, this is your list, please keep reading. Here you have a 5 original gifts list. We are sure that any of those presents will be a great surprise either for that friend or relative who is waiting a present from you this Christmas.


regalos por menos de 50 euros

#5 Gifts ideas under 50 euros

Has it ever happened to you, especially at Christmas, that you want to give something to a family member or to a friend and you are run out of ideas to find an interesting gift for them? Forget the typical perfume or the classic tie that no one ever puts on! Give something practical, interesting, original … and without needing to ruin yourself.

At #TheNowFamily we have decided to give you the best ideas for Christmas shopping and this time we give you a list of possible gifts for your family, without spending much. (more…)

handmade decoration

Christmas DIY for home

It’s time to decorate the house for Christmas. Traditionaly, Immaculate´s day is the chosen moment in many countries for Christmas decoration.

This year we thought what better way to decorate the house than to do with objects created by your own hands. Of course, #TheNowFamily too. Nobody better than yourself with your taste and your little hands to make your house a magazine postcard.


portada regalos tecnológicos para niños

#4 Technological Christmas gifts for children

We come back with new gift ideas. This time we wanted to choose the most important gifts within the specialized technology in children.

The era of technology arrived long ago but this 2016 is proclaimed as the digital era for children.



Happy Birthday Oblumi tapp! If We Win You Win

Today our little Oblumi tapp is one year old.

The last 4 of December of 2015 tapp went on sale. It has been a year, 366 days around the world (because 2016 has been a leap year), traveling, being seen on TV, in the newspaper, in magazines, presenting, growing and learning of the great ones. (more…)