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#3 Gifts ideas for your most geek friends

Here we are with the 3rd chapter of our series of gifts for #TheNowFamily  and we promise that this is the most fun. Dedicated to all our geeks fathers and mothers of #TheNowFamily.

Since #TheNowFamily includes all families who use technology to help and make life easier for theirs, with this post we will understand “technology” as everything that facilitates family life, providing a funny touch.



Women Entrepreneurs’ Day

It is interesting to see how the evolution of our humanity gave birth to a new category of workers, Female entrepreneurs, also known as women entrepreneurs.

Taking a step backward, and looking at what means being an entrepreneurs, we can see that those who choose this road are not afraid of risks and are ready to enrich the world with their innovative ideas. This should not differentiate between being a female entrepreneur or a male one, but in our society this plays a fundamental role when coming to managing. Even if we, women, fight for our rights and want to be at the same level as our companions, we still have to give birth of a human being, which is not the easier and simplest thing to do.

Gift portada

#2 Gifts for #TheNowFamily, what to buy and where to buy

So, here we come with the second of the series we proposed you the last week on our blog, gifts for The Now Family. But let’s take a step backward and explain what The Now Family is. The Now Family is a concept developed by Oblumi which includes all those people who create the family, mums and dads, grandparents, aunties and uncles, all of them have something in common which is using the smartphone on a daily basis.

Here is a short list of things to buy for your friends which babies, your grandparent who is modern and uses the smartphone, your auntie who loves the latest Apps and reads the news on Twitter. You’ll find them all here! (more…)

portada oblumi regalos prácticos

#1 Practical gifts for moms, dads and all families

How many times have you had to give gifts to some newly dads and mums and you had no idea what would be most useful for them?

In the world of babies, children and childcare in general do not stop to appear devices, toys, objects and gadgets that claim to make life easier for families.

In #TheNowFamily we are already preparing our list of gifts for the next Christmas so, if you have to give presents to new parents, moms and families with children, without children, with babies without them, geeks, lovers of technology, etc., then don’t miss our series of perfect gift lists for all that we consider #TheNowFamily. We love them and found useful.


maurice, inventor, disney portada

From the alarm clock to the smartphones,  and passing through the smart thermometer. Inventions that changed our lives forever

Usually, we are familiar with the greatest inventions of the history: the printer, the wheel or the car. The light bulb, the radio, the vaccines, the penicillin, etc. are others that essentially changed our lives forever. Later in time, the humanity discovered things like optical fiber or microchip, till the time Internet has been invented and everything changed forever.


portada tecnología y salud

How technology contributed to the development of the health sector

Few years ago, it probably seems to be a crazy thing to hear about  a mobile phone that could be used to measure the fever in children. Today this technology, although is still surprising us, is no longer frightens us.

Thanks to the development and innovation in electronics, mechanics, hardware systems and all other sectors that are involved in technological advances, today we can say that we can do almost everything with a smartphone.


halloween portada

“All Hallows Eve” – Halloween

Here they come, slowly by slowly but with a certain security, the zombies, the ghosts, the monsters, the witches and Draculas for each of our taste. It is about to be celebrated the Halloween and in Oblumi we love to take part at the party, and we want to take you as well! Every party, which is celebrated in the family, is worthy to be cheered. And if this comes with having fun with kids and some day off, it is even better!


Portada breast logo

Every woman should know how to take care of herself.

Prevention saves Lives

This is the moto of this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, and a reality we cannot ignore any more. October is the chosen month for this organization to bring awareness to all women around the world regarding the breast cancer. It becomes vital to spread as much information as possible regarding the steps and actions needed to let know to every single woman that cancer can be prevented with the right precautions.


portada halloween

Contest Halloween fever

Are you ready for the best party ever?  👹

  We invite you to share your special Halloween 2016 with #TheNowFamily. Enter this Halloween competition and you can win a small Oblumi tapp, the smart thermometer. Let’s have fun together this time of the year and share what makes Halloween a unique party. We all know that there will be at least one party you will attend, and make up is one of the most important things. Take a selfie, share it with OblumiFamily and you can win the tiniest thermometer on the market 😉  !

portada niña perro

Friendship between pets and children

There was a little boy, let’s name him Chris, who had a friend, and his friend had a little poppy. He could not understand how his friend would go everywhere with this small puppy. Chris hated this little thing moving all the time around.

During an afternoon while they were playing, Chris’s friend left for a while. Chris was really sad that day, his parents fought again and they were talking more and more about this strange word called “divorce”. He knew it wasn’t a good word, but he didn’t know what to expect exactly. His friend’s pet was searching for play, but he really didn’t have any interest in doing so. The puppy tried to play with him, catch his attention in any possible way. But nothing would make him forget about that morning sadness and the future that was around the corner. His parents where about to separate and nothing could make them stick together anymore.