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Do you want your baby to be more intelligent? Play them music!

Music can help to our child development from mummy’s belly till the adulthood. When pregnant, futures moms are adviced to listen to classic music, this is recommended because is said it can help our baby’s development and then when he/she grows, music can be a way of her feelings to be externalized. On the other side, learning to play an instrument could be a great way to understand better the world.


portada corazón

Your heart is the first thing. International Heart Day

The goal of this blog is to share news and advises for a better healthy living. Things that we, from #TheNowFamily, find interesting and useful for our community. On this time of the year around the world are celebrated different specific days to promote a healthy life. Among these, the Heart Day, the Breast Cancer. Today, we’ll talk about the first one.


Portada Ejercicio

Family, let’s move all together

We all know that exercise is great for our health but still resist to move a bit more and to commit to a daily activity.

Our everyday life is so different from what it used to be once when we had to fight for our food and to run from the tiger to save our lives. We mostly all the day sit in front of a computer. Today we have to force ourselves and remind about doing some exercise. (more…)

Portada paz palomas

International Day of Peace, education and family values

Each year, on 21 of September is celebrated internationally the Day of Peace around the world. This particular day is fixed by the UN and has a predefined theme. In 2016 we talk about “The Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace.”

The first time the Day of Peace was celebrated in 1981, with the intent to strengthen the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. There are in total 193 Member States of the United Nations, which decided the goals to be achieved by 2030 with regards to the sustainability. (more…)

portada no jack

iPhone without Jack? Don’t worry, be happy!

Finally! It’s here! The so, so waited new Apple iPhone 7. Now we have it and we can confirm what the rumours were already saying.

New changes are well welcomed in #TheNowFamily. (more…)


Back to school

The key to everything new is to bring more excitement. Let know kids that they will have great time in learning new things and meeting their friends. Back to school has to be a great time to be enjoyed and planned ahead.

Yes, because the planning is essential, even if we love improvising.


portada tecnología

Does technology affect our children’s development?

Until some years ago, we thought that television was the diabolical object in our house that separated family, the one which made communication be of low quality or even absent or of low quality… Today, this evil figure (or good one depending on your approach) is the Smartphone, full of all kind of Apps with which one can waste or spend his/her time. But like everything in life, it depends on the use we give to things, in order to classify them as good or bad.  (more…)

mindfulness para niños

5 Benefits of practicing mindfulness at home

Distraction is everywhere nowadays. Our life is getting busier and busier.. We have the possibility to access any information, anywhere in the world, to talk to anyone in any given moment. It is even harder when you have to check your WhatsApp parents groups to find out where the next party of your 5yo boy is going to take place! What a mess!



Easy healthy recipes for this summer, a treat for your palate and great for your body!

As you can see, in #TheNowFamily we continue working even if it’s full August. We might miss some Vitamine D, but we damn love our job! Well, we would prefer to be somewhere on a dessert island chilling and relaxing, but… You know… We can survive! Friends sending us pictures from their holidays are the best ones, though… 


portada momento no

When you have to say “NO”

Oh, oh I say NO!

The time to decide what is right and what is wrong comes to all parents. To know when to say NO to children can be a difficult job for parents, especially if we are constantly pronouncing that word at home. Say what is right or not is very difficult. The right thing, costs more to guess it because nobody is born knowing everything, and even less, when all parents are every day in hundreds of difficulties raising their children. What’s wrong, seems (only seems) to be easier to know, and you just has to act in the way that best suits your child and yourself regardless perfect parents stereotypes around.