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Perseid Meteor Shower with children

On the night of 11 to 12 August the stars fall from the sky. The night of Perseids Meteor Shower is one of the most magic nights in which you can ask for more wishes per minute. The tears of Saint Lawrence (as it is called in Europeans countries as Spain) fall to an average of 150 meteors per hour, so  you have more possibilities to ask for wishes than on any night of the year.

And so you do not want any to escape, here you have some preparation tips to see it with your children. They will enjoy this experience as never before.

Tips for watching the Perseids Meteor Shower with your children.

  1. Everyone to a nap = “siesta”.

We say everyone because Perseids are better to see at night, the less light the better. And to put up with more time and ask for more desires, you need to be alert and rested, right?

  1. Find an area away from city lights

This year the Moon will be 72% so the most appropriate places are far away from cities, away from artificial light.

To see this shower of stars well, we must be away from the light and the pollution that we have in the city and find a dark place.

If you look at the sky and see the Milky Way will be a good place to see more stars than anyone else ;)


  1. Remember the sleeping bag and the blanket.

The best position to see the Tears of St. Lawrence is lying on the ground, face up to the sky. That is why the importance of the blanket.

Then, depending on the area you are in you may need warm clothing. The sleeping bag could  help.

Keep in mind that you have to be quiet in the open and you can catch a cold.

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  1. Something to snack on and drink.

Food and drinks, cold and hot ones,  you never know. It’s a picnic-like experience at night.

Ice tea, soft drinks, juices … Also, do not forget to bring something to snack on like fruits, cookies or chips. You do not want kids to get tired easily or give them a starvation, right?

  1. The most important thing to not forget … the Patience

We know that patience is never enough if we talk about children. However, if you already take it from home, it is certainly more help.

The important thing is that the little ones are entertained without leaving the concept of the night.

There are apps for smartphones that let you visualize the positions of the constellations and stars according to your geolocation. SkyMap is one of them.

Another activity you can do is upload photos to Instagram with the hashtag #OblumiTravel so that we could see how good you spend in summer watching the stars and, by the way, you participate in the Oblumi´s summer contest.

In case you do not wish to ask the stars, we leave you a few lines from the poem by Enzo Goitta of San Lorenzo. Maybe it can make you change your mind.


St. Lawrence Night,

Two stars shine in the sky

Suddenly clear

After a storm night

Green and bright,

Wonderful light,

Will fall in an instant

For three wishes he has waited

And by defeated

He has not been given …

(Free translation of the following fragment:

Notte di San Lorenzo, due sole stelle a brillare nel cielo
all’improvviso limpido dopo nottate di tempesta
verdi e luminose, meravigliosa luce, cadere in un istante
tre i desideri di chi troppo ha aspettato e non si è arreso… )

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