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The positive attitude against cancer begins by touching yourself.


Much has been written, much has been written and will continue to be written. Cancer is a disease that unfortunately is with us. We all have someone close to us who suffers from it. Today we are talking about Breast Cancer, of which 1.7 million new cases are diagnosed worldwide each year. It is the most common tumor among women – and up to 30 percent of women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer will eventually develop metastatic disease.

With this data we can get an idea that some of us will develop cancer in our lifetime. What’s scary to think about?

But we want to be positive and from here we want to send our support and try to alleviate as much as possible the bitterness of the trance.

It is not a question of adorning everything with phrases in the purest style of the “coaching pop” that we are currently living: “You can with everything”,”Follow the path to your dreams” and other POP-Coaching sentences, which in many cases lead us to an agonizing frustration because dreams are not always achieved and we can’t always do everything.

Reality is what it is. And cancer sucks. Just like that. Besides, it’s not a nice poop like emojis… 💩

Breast cancer in particular, affects 1 in 8 women according to the latest AECC study, and therefore it is necessary to become aware of the importance of prevention, research and early detection. 

The positive attitude to cancer isn’t just thinking about “You can do it all” and trying to get out on the street without caring about whether your hair has fallen out, or not having enough special bras for your remaining breast.

Positive attitude begins NOW! Start today. It starts without the cancer. Start by being aware that you need to live a healthy life. Start eating healthy, but in a really healthy way. Buying organic products instead of any packaged and manufactured product. Trying not to take so many sugars. Fewer red and processed meats. Little or no alcohol. Enhancing the Mediterranean diet. Exercising. No smoking…


And above all, it begins by exploring you. Touching yourself.

Nobody than you can know your body better. Nobody than you can love your body the most and take care of it. No one but you will know where an anomaly has appeared.

Prevention and early detection can mean detecting the disease in early stages and saving your life. There are hundreds of campaigns that try not only to raise awareness but also to accept breast cancer and the impact it has on women and their environment.

For the Association Against Cancer, taking it on in an optimistic way is not only advisable, but can be a powerful healing element. One of the drivers for coping with cancer with a positive attitude is the experience. Having people who have come out of the disease and leaning on their experiences is an incomparable cane.

More survival, higher incidence.

The incidence of breast cancer has increased in recent years in likely association with changes in nutritional and reproductive habits and population ageing. At the same time, the survival of breast cancer patients continues to improve thanks to the significant advances made in recent years in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, as well as the great awareness of society.

According to data from the SEOM (spanish society of medical oncology), the cure rate in breast cancer patients is more than 80% overall, although this percentage varies according to the stage at which it has been diagnosed and the tumor subtype, can be as much as 98% in patients with very localised tumors.

No one is exempt from suffering it

Cases like that of Bimba Bosé or David Delfín leave us all dismayed. They show us that Cancer doesn’t understand celebrity or status. This is what the contemporary artist Alexander Palombo shows, who after having suffered cancer in 2001 and suffering from severe paralysis, decided to devote himself entirely to the fusion of art and social activism.

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“I have fully experienced the 1980s, the rise of pop culture, the years of consumerism, celebrity worship and the desire for lightness,”said Alexsandro Palombo. “I love cartoon characters just as Andy Warhol loved celebrities. Although cartoons are more human and real than celebrities”.

In this way, Palombo explains that it seeks to demonstrate that “no one is immune to cancer”, as well as promoting care, awareness and prevention in the younger generations.

And with prevention, research to cure

During the last American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO, the largest congress on this subject in the world) meeting last June, 2017, the latest results of the Aphinity project were announced, which has proven the efficacy of using a new treatment to face breast cancer and avoid the risk of relapse in the disease. Although the results are quite encouraging and demonstrate that this medication reduces the risk of suffering metastases, we still have to wait for the proposal to be approved by national and international health authorities, so that it is a reality in Spanish hospitals.

So one of the issues that most increase positivity already seems to be closer: the cure. But as the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry.”. That is why we support and encourage women to leave taboos and fears behind. A clear bet on positivity begins with healthy habits, exercise and of course, touching yourself.

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