portada oblumi regalos prácticos

#1 Practical gifts for moms, dads and all families

How many times have you had to give gifts to some newly dads and mums and you had no idea what would be most useful for them?

In the world of babies, children and childcare in general do not stop to appear devices, toys, objects and gadgets that claim to make life easier for families.

In #TheNowFamily we are already preparing our list of gifts for the next Christmas so, if you have to give presents to new parents, moms and families with children, without children, with babies without them, geeks, lovers of technology, etc., then don’t miss our series of perfect gift lists for all that we consider #TheNowFamily. We love them and found useful.

Let’s get started!

1. Adam Airplane – Pacifier that closes before reaching the ground.

It is usual that babies lose their pacifiers, dropping them million times per day. So, these airplane pacifiers look great. The nipple stays clean and does not touch the floor. No risk to be used dirty!

chupete volador

A plus? You can personalise it with the name of your baby or your friend’s baby!

We loved this airplane face of course!

2. The baby carrier so that it always goes with you.

Carrying a newly born next to your chest is really important since they were used to be carried in the mummy’s womb. Using a baby carrier as a shoulder strap is ideal and perfect for that dad who want to get closer to his/her baby and feel it close ti him. The porting has been established in the world of motherhood and paternity as one of the best ways to transport babies: glued to the body. It is actually the most natural and ancient way that human beings have used to transport their babies. Since the baby is attached to the body, brands strive to create the most natural and ergonomic ways to place and transport them safely and comfortably for parents and children.

portabebes littlemiss azul oblumi

Yes, of course, parents can also take their babies as shown by this photo of one of the models created by LittleMiss

3. Traveling table for cars.

Babies are a mess. when eating, being them just a few months or some years old. And since we have to guarantee the most of the security especially while driving (and they are hungry no matter where they are!), we found a new way of optimising this! For those with preschoolers, chalk and crayons are possibly already objects of their day to day life and they will know how difficult it is to separate small creatives from their waxes and felt-tip pens. Is it for entertaining or for eating purpose a table is always useful.

mesa para viajes

 4. The collection pocket.

The co-sleeping is the natural way of the human being to raise a baby in its first months of life, arriving to the even the first years. It is beneficial because the children feel the heat of the parents, it keeps them more calm. It also benefits breastfeeding as the child is closer to the mother and can breastfeed more. In addition the collection is beneficial because babies better regulate the temperature. It has been seen that when the baby is in skin-to-skin contact with the mother, the temperature of the mother is changing according to the temperature of the baby. If the baby is cold, the temperature of the mother’s breast increases by two degrees to warm her. If the baby is hot, the mother’s breast lowers one degree.

cuna colecho

This phenomenon is called thermal synchrony and is just another example of the fact that babies have to be in close contact with the mother’s body and not crying in a crib to increase their lungs so that they do not get used to the arms or to become independent.

If the baby sleeps better, the parents also sleep better.

5. An Intelligent Infrared Thermometer

Among the gifts given to newly parents that are usually given when there is a newborn, there is always an items that is usually included, which is the thermometer. Better if is something nice, which really doesn’t seem like a traditional thermometer.

Parents do not want to hear about them, much less that they have to get to use them but … it is the law of life. Children (and the elderly) get ill and the fever is only a symptom that they are having a cold, they have caught a virus, they get the vaccine or anything else.

usos oblumi tapp

The Oblumi thermometer is a digital infrared thermometer, with a sensor similar to those used in hospitals by paediatricians. With its magnificent app is able to keep track of measurements of the whole family so that father, mother, grandparents and even the nanny can know in any time how the baby is going.

So far our list of gifts for today is closed. Check our upcoming posts in the next weeks where we will check different lists of gifts! You are not alone this Christmas! Follow #TheNowFamily.

And for you, what is the essential gift for a family?

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