Día bicicleta

Pregnancy and bicycle = a good team! Bicycle World Day

Are you pregnant? Do you love sports and you do not know  do not know what can you do?

Since today we celebrate World Bicycle Day we want to support those future moms who do not want to leave aside their exercises and sports activity during their pregnancy.

When a woman practices a sport on a regular basis, can she goes on her training during pregnancy? At first, yes, unless it is a risky practice or there is a problem in pregnancy. A good example is women who enjoy running and continue to do so during pregnancy. They should only modify their routine a little, not to exhaust themselves, and leave it in the last months, since the volume of the belly is too big and the fact that there is more risk of strains by the relaxation of the ligaments.

Mujer bicicleta embarazada

Future moms always have some “fear” or prudence when practicing some physical activity during pregnancy. It is true that there are certain physical activities more appropriate to perform during this stage. Cycling during pregnancy would be one of them, although with some caveats or precautions. We must keep in mind that no pregnancy is the same as another.

Doing some kind of sport during pregnancy is more than recommended, always taking the necessary precautions. If we talk about cycling, doctors recommend cycling only until the first trimester of pregnancy. bicicleta estática spinning

As always, women who have been accustomed to riding a bike before becoming pregnant will be better prepared. But that does not mean that others can not opt for the bicycle as a form of sports. Of course, before embarking on bike rides during pregnancy consult your doctor and follow their directions.

If you are accustomed to cycling but have already reached the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy, an interesting option is the static bicycle. Among the advantages of the static bicycle are that we can regulate the level of resistance we want, as well as the level of difficulty, without facing bumps or slopes that make our ride difficult or make it more dangerous.

running deporte embarazada

Advantages of the bike for pregnant women

  • Pedaling the bike stimulates blood flow, and prevents the onset of cardiovascular disease.
  • It is a perfect exercise for the development of joints and muscles in your lower extremities.
  • Reduces the risk of spinal problems or suffering from diseases such as diabetes.

There are other activities that are especially beneficial if you are pregnant. You can walk at a good pace, half an hour, without exhausting. Swimming and water movements are also very advisable. The ideal is to go to a pool treated with ozone, not with chlorine, and with warm water, if possible. “Half an hour, three days a week, helps keep fit, increases endurance, tunes in the mother and baby and favors the respiratory system,” says gynecologist Zabau.

yoga embarazadas

“Three hours a week of yoga, with specific asanas and breaths for pregnant women, relax body and mind and prepare women for the prolonged effort of labor.” For their part, stretching, Swiss ball or Pilates favor circulation in the abdominal area and increase flexibility and endurance.

Adapt your activity to your pregnancy (you may have to change sports) avoid exercises that compress the abdominal wall and listen to your tocoginecologist, who must approve the exercise you do.

Let´s enjoy the sport in pregnancy! What do you practice?

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