Technological gifts for babies

There are many gadgets for babies and their environment, either directly to them or their care to make us more comfortable, here are some of the most interesting from our point of view.


One of the things that help babies sleep is rocking, rocking with this gadget can in the cart, you only have to grab the handle of the cart and turn to start rocking the baby.


If the baby is not in the cart and is in the cradle, the previous “automatic rocking” is not useful, is where the lullabob rocking that placed under the crib legs fit, allows the effect of rocking, being speed controlled from a small knob.


In this case it is not exactly a gadget, but draws directly from one a smarphone or tablet, specifically in this case is an app for iOS that allows to detect that type of crying is hunger, sleep, discomfort, stress or boredom

If we generate some doubt on the app, they also have the specific gadget for detecting the type of cry.

Magic theater

Another thing that often helps to sleep or entertain a baby are the lights in this case this little projector Philips shows wall motion pictures along with soothing sounds, such as pink noise or waves. Very useful for the baby to sleep well.


Last but not least, an interactive toy that makes use of a new smarphone or tablet, is a small bear that is placed inside the Smartphone with a free app from the same manufacturer. The bear is the face of the app, games, stories and activities ensure entertain and stimulate the baby many hours. The life of our smartphone protection is assured with Teddy himself.

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