Technology’s progress in fighting with cancer

Only a few days ago we woke up with another sad news. Some may see her as another victim, but it was something else. For his position, for how she has taken and above all, for everything that has struggled to overcome it and in the end could not be … Bimba Bosé left us a few days ago. As every day hundreds of hundreds of people die for the same reason: cancer.

Cancer is one of the main causes of death in Spain, but not only.

Cancer mortality in Spain, as well as in Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and the United Kingdom, is already higher than that of heart disease, as shown by a study on cardiovascular diseases in Europe, published in the ‘European Heart Journal’. Spain is the second country, after France, where cancer deaths have surpassed those of cardiovascular accidents.

Today, February 4th marks the World Day against Cancer. Oncology specialists insist that the quality of life is the best ally in order to avoid the appearance of tumours and to carry them in the best possible way, in case of their diagnosis.

The main prevention tips focus on healthy living, physical exercise, balanced and healthy diet. Avoid smoking, being overweight and maintaining a diet rich in vegetables and fruits is also key to “cheating” cancer (mainly the colon, another type of tumour that has registered a considerable increase in recent years).

 Innovation and technology

“Without science there is no progress”

And these advances have increased considerably in the field of technology, biotechnology, eHealth, etc…

Thanks to innovation and, above all, to companies that invest in R&D in the field of cancer control, in recent years, technological development has improved speed, reliability, Image in CT techniques and, among the most important objectives, the reduction of the radiation dose in these diagnostic tests.

tac tecnologiaRadiology and imaging technology in general have a fundamental role in collaborating in the development of biomarkers that allow to know the patient’s condition and the level of his injuries. In this way, personalization in treatment increases as well as the probabilities of therapy effectiveness.

For years, different associations have stressed the need for the Government to make greater efforts to allocate more funds to cancer research, as healing is the result of finding new treatments tailored to each case.

There are several advances and innovations in this field against the fight and detection of cancer. We wanted to share the ones that we think are the most up-to-date and are also Made in Spain.

One of them is the new system against breast cancer. As has been said many times, the first problem for cancer patients is that screening is usually done when the disease is advanced. To try to solve this problem, a Valencian company, developed Mammi, a system that detects early breast cancer, thanks to its high definition molecular images.

"laboratorioAnother advance made in this field, also Spanish, is the one made by the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Castelldefels, in Barcelona. This ​coordinated a team of international researchers who developed a nano-chip of gold particles that are able to help in detecting cancer thanks to just a drop of blood. Once analysed, in a few minutes, the detection and diagnosis of the disease is performed. This nanochip is able to detect cancer very early, when it has still affected very few cells, something that today is possible with very few systems around the world.

The most curious and hopeful is that this technology seems to have a fairly low cost and is easily portable, which is expected to be taken to hospitals and cancer centres that normally can not access this type of tools.

 Prevent rather than cure

Prevention is an essential tool in the fight against breast cancer. New technologies have become essential tools to help prevent this and more and more are made available to users. Mobile apps are a good example of such tools, are easy to use by anyone and are affordable. If well used can become a great ally of our health and can really help us prevent diseases such as breast cancer. In this sense we have “Diana“, the app that serves to help both the Patients and their families and caregivers in the battle against this disease. Breast cancer is the most common in Western women, and affects one in eight women in Spain, according to data from the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). The application, developed by Roche España in collaboration with several research groups, specialists and patients, is endorsed by the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA) and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.

Diana app


Another of the applications of the mobile could be the one of cancer detector. A new study has shown that a mobile powered by Google’s artificial intelligence serves to detect common types of melanoma. For the moment we will continue to wait for these recent advances to become reality in a short time.

apps para cancer de piel


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