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How technology contributed to the development of the health sector

Few years ago, it probably seems to be a crazy thing to hear about  a mobile phone that could be used to measure the fever in children. Today this technology, although is still surprising us, is no longer frightens us.

Thanks to the development and innovation in electronics, mechanics, hardware systems and all other sectors that are involved in technological advances, today we can say that we can do almost everything with a smartphone.

The main area in which technology has made significant progress to life is the health sector. In it, technological innovation has even led the increase in life expectancy. Bionic hands, chips that are inserted in the cerebral cortex to return to achieve the mobility of any part of the body damaged by an accident, devices that dose medication, mechanical devices that mobilize patients with paralysis, etc … A great number of new possibilities that help to not decay both patients and relatives in the struggle to move on and live. Thanks to advances in health technology also appeared new forms and methods with which treat diseases, something that gives hope and help to families.

This year, the mechanical engineer and professor of American Biophysics, Hugh Herr, received the Princess of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research 2016 for his contribution to the development and design of bionic limbs and robotic prostheses. This news highlights the ability of human beings to overcome adverse situations, and the possibilities of research to improve health and people´s quality of life.

foto hug herr

Professor Herr is a clear example of the great opportunities offered by biomedical engineering and the advantages that the multidisciplinary approach and teamwork have to get to develop devices and systems that can help to improve cognitive, communicative and physical abilities in people who suffer some form of disability (sensory or motor) or disease.

mHeatlh: Health and Technology

Health is one of the areas where the advance of technology is more evident. Specifically, thanks to Internet´s advent, family medicine has increased both their knowledge and audience. The medicine has been democratized and now is easier for families to help, heal and care as it has become more accessible to everyone.

Thanks to the so-called mHealth (mobile health), like we carry our whole schedule of activities in the mobile, we can also carry all our history and health routines in our smartphone.

Patient empowerment about their health is a current reality that every day becomes more apparent. No longer depending on a transfer to the hospital so that the doctor can meet us. Now, with an app on the mobile phone, the doctor can see us in a video call, you can check our temperature ´s records, for example, or even access our medical history.

The fact that Oblumi for example has turn the smartphone into a digital infrared thermometer is no longer a search within the options offered by current technology to assist families in caring the most vulnerable people for us: children and dependents.

With no science, no technology and no researching, there is no progress.


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