portada tecnología al sol

Technology is set in the sun

Sun protection in summer is very important not only to avoid burns but to avoid complicated situations in our skin in the future. As we all know, the future is already here. It is no longer necessary that our skin is burning so that we know that a new dose of sunscreen is necessary or even find out the degree of radiation that exists at any moment is possible without waiting for our skin to start to turn red.

The new technologies have been an advance especially in this time of the summer in which many neglect our health as opposed to enjoyment.

To be overwhelmed by the disadvantages (such as sunburn, skin aging, skin blemishes and malignant melanomas) from sun exposure we advise the use of new technologies.

Apps Infosun. It is an app that tells us what type of sunscreen we should use. It is a free download application that depending on your sex, skin type, hair and eye color you will get a skin phototype. Depending on the ability of your skin to absorb solar radiation (phototype) along with the ultraviolet radiation that exists in the area where you are located will show you the type of sun protection that you should use.

infosun app

SunCoach. It is a more complete app than the previous one since besides advising you about the type of sun protection that you must use, it informs you about the local climatic conditions at the same time that it recommends you about the time that you can spend in the sun depending on the activity and The place where you are going to be. All its content is based on information from the World Health Organization.



Solarized. It’s also a free app that lets you know the best sun protection according to your skin type, hair and eyes. It tells you, according to the resulting protection, the recommended time for sun exposure. The weather can be timed so you will know when the next application of sunscreen is necessary.




And for the exhibition of the little ones we advise the bracelets ‘Smartsun’.


A smart bracelet that lets you know when it is necessary to re-apply sun protection or even that sun exposure is being dangerous.

Its operation is easy and simple. The bracelet is placed on the wrist and the sunscreen is applied to the skin, including the application on the same bracelet. Smartsun will change color depending on the sun exposure indicating the degree of danger of such exposure.

This bracelet is ideal for weekend vacations or summer holidays. Its a price of 7 includes 7 bracelets, one for each day of the week and what better way to take care of yours with something as simple as Smartsun.

However, if you are late to use these applications and a burn has already damaged your skin, we share these tips from the American Academy of Dermatology:

  1. Relieve pain with cold showers
  2. Smoothes burned skin with moisturizing cream containing aloe vera or soy
  3. If you return to expose yourself to the sun, try to pay more attention to the burned area and avoid possible worsening.
  4. Let the blisters that have arisen as a result of the burn heal
  5. You can take an anti-inflammatory to lower the swelling.
  6. Do not take the sun during the hours of maximum irradiation (between 12h and 16h)
  7. Hydrate yourself as much as possible.

Do not forget that it is very important to follow the advice of medical professionals and above all be responsible.


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