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The importance of grandparents in the family

Some people say that whoever has a friend has a treasure. For us and for you, we suppose that this treasure would also be the grandparents.

There are many who talk about them, the help they mean for parents in these times when conciliation is a precious word that designates a chimera. But, what are they for children? What do grandparents mean to children?

abuelos con niña

When we ask children what grandparents mean to them, it is when the real truth is discovered: good wisdom lies behind the innocence of the youngest and that of the oldest.

We rescued some of the best answers from children about what a grandfather is in a Children’s Guide article:

  1. Grandparents are a lady and a gentleman who, since they don’t have children of their own, they like other people’s children very much.
  2. Grandparents are people who have nothing to do, they are only busy when we go to visit them.
  3. They are gentlemen who wear glasses to read, they always lose them and when I have stayed to sleep with them they wear funny clothes.
  4. Some grandparents have parents, those are very old, my grandmother’s mother, you can remove the gums and teeth… at the same time.
  5. They know that before we sleep we can eat some sweets, before we go to bed, they love to pray with us and they kiss us and they indulge us even if we have behaved a little badly.
  6. A 6-year-old boy was asked where his grandmother lived and he replied: “She lives in the airport, when we need her we go there and look for her and when we want her to return home we take her back to her airport”.

And maybe our favorite is

  1. When we go for a walk with them, they stop to show us nice things like leaves of different shapes, a centipede of many colors or the wolf house.

Regardless of whether children know intrinsically that grandparents are good to them (and for them) we as parents, uncles, educators, etc. should know some of the benefits grandparents have for children.

The role of grandparents for grandchildren


The grandparents are, in many cases, in charge of babysitting their grandchildren because of the parents’ inability to have work schedules compatible with the upbringing and family.

But they’re not just that. Among his roles are that of family diplomats and mediators, referents of upbringing and work, and perhaps the most important role: unconditional love.

Grandparents are an emotional support for children and young people: love, affection and satisfaction united in the same person. They are the elders who offer unconditional love, without the obligations of educating as parents and therefore are a bridge between parents and children.

Perhaps the most important point is that they provide emotional stability for children and play a decisive role in times of family adversity as they help during times of stress in the family.

Grandparents are a fundamental pillar in the education of grandchildren, they transmit wisdom, experience, tranquility, affection, stability… However, the benefit is mutual, as grandparents are also emotionally enriched by contact with their grandchildren.

And grandchildren for grandparents

abuelo y niñas

Grandchildren make grandparents active again. With them, your life becomes meaningful again. They feel useful. The family needs them. And children also keep grandparents in touch with the changes that take place in the world, in society. The grandchildren are a very important test of generational change for our elders that keeps them keeping their heads active.

And the best thing is to see that complicity between grandparents and grandchildren where both learn and we are stunned watching, happy

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