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The importance of sport for the children ‘s health

Sport helps children to develop both physically and mentally. Physical activity should be part of our daily life. Practicing any kind of sport from an early age helps children in many ways, especially group activities improve interaction and social integration, as well as improving the mental level and making a healthy lifestyle in adulthood more likely as the habits we acquire as children are often to stay.

Sports have multiple healthy benefits. If we talk on a psychological or personality level, sports (especially those done in groups) activities help children to strengthen their social self-esteem, and allow them to understand the importance of having and respecting the rules.

Good for body and mind


Another aspect to consider is what type of sport or activity will suit best the child considering his/her conditions and abilities. A more timid and shy child is likely to get better at a sport where she/he has to relate to peers. To a more active one, an individual sport such as tennis can help better develop her/his ability to concentrate.

One of the perhaps most important issues and increasingly talked about the importance of physical exercise in children (young and old are also included) is that moderate daily physical exercise helps prevent overweight and obesity. Taking into account the growth of the percentage of children and young people with obesity and overweight in the Western world, the inclusion of sport in the family routine becomes almost mandatory.

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Sport can also have the power to help us rest. For all those fathers and mothers of active children, try to get them to run every day playing soccer, or swimming or any other activity that keeps them physically active. They will fall asleep in bed in a matter of seconds and you, dads and moms, too.

Teaching values

One of the most important lessons that children can learn through sport is to realize the value and the rewards of continuous effort and training in the medium and long term. The figure of a coach becomes essential in learning these skills. The coach’s actions will be a reference for children as they can teach them: solidarity, motivation, companionship, eagerness to overcome, learning to lose…

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Achieving goals requires a learning stage, sacrifices and lots of effort, and it helps them understand that not everything is immediate or easy to achieve. Through the small competitions and parties they also learn that there are battles that can be lost, and you have to be strong to face failures and know firsthand the good taste of the triumphs achieved. Through sports children can learn how to manage frustration but also patience and hard work.

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For mothers and fathers.

Fathers and mothers are the main and first referents for children. Children do not learn from what they are told to do, but from what they see. If their parents are active and take care of their body, they will learn to do so, too. Through the sports activities of the small, the family can strengthen their bond. Both children and parents. It will be another way to enjoy the children and to share time with them, to participate in their hobbies and to discover a little more each day in the world of the little ones.

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Enjoy the sport with your children #TheNowFamily

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