Carnival de venecia

The meaning of carnival for children

This year’s masked season has been brought forward early in the calendar. Although there are many ways to experience it, carnival is almost always one of the funniest times and festivals around the world.

And also, although many people think that this is not the case, the origin of this celebration is mainly associated with Catholicism and with Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Origin of the carnival

One does not have a certain truth of their origin but it is thought that the first celebrations “similar” to the carnival took place before Christ. It was then the agriculture-related feasts in which peasants gathered with the painted bodies and masked faces around a bonfire to celebrate the productivity and fertility of the soil, as well as to ward off evil spirits lurking around the crops.

In fact the carnival begins just before Christian Lent, so its coincidence with Ash Wednesday, which varies in the calendar of each year according to the lunar movement.  

“At the beginning of the Middle Ages the Catholic Church proposed a carnival etymology: from the vulgar Latin carnem-levare, which means’ to abandon the flesh’ (which was the compulsory prescription for all the people on every Friday of Lent).” 


Carnival in the World

Regardless of its origin, what is clear is that today it is a festival celebrated in many ways around the world and all represent something playful within this time of year.

One of the most impressive carnivals in the world is the one held in Brazil. It has the most crowded group in the world, the Gallo de la Madrugada (Galo da Madrugada in Portuguese) according to the book Guinness.

Carnaval de Brasil

In Spain we have the colourful carnivals of Tenerife in which the prizes for the Queen of Carnival are disputed with costumes and dresses that are mostly works of architecture. For this year 2018 the theme will be La Fantasía.

And the most musical carnival, the Carnival of Cadiz with its COAC (Official Competition of Carnival groups of Cadiz) that every year is brought together more fans and fans of the groups and chirigotas. The most characteristic feature of this carnival, in addition to the musical quality of the groups, are the critical lyrics of the songs that are sung, denouncing the problems of society.

en el Falla Cadiz

Costumes and masks at school

During the carnival week (s) in schools, special activities are usually held and, above all, children experience the moment of disguising themselves as something magical.

This is the most widespread meaning of this feast: to be someone different for a moment.

“These feasts filled the need for freedom that everyone longed for, in which the poor and the rich mingled without knowing each other under the canvases of costumes or masks.”

After all, what children see at Carnival is illusion, costumes, colors, paintings, masks, dances, songs, and a lot of fun. Carnival is one of the best parties to celebrate with them and show them who or what they want to be.

Here are some options that you can even use to dress the whole family.

For cold weather, FROZEN

Familia FROZEN


The Forze for the family, STAR WARS

Familia star wars

Build your own world with the LEGO family


LEGO familia


To teach what are “emotions”, INSIDE OUT.

familia DEL REVÉS


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