#TheNowFamily fighting the flu

We do not enjoy at all talking about ugly things like viruses and other illnesses but … the cold has arrived and with it the so hated flu.
We are going to leave you with some advices that we are already applying for the office, not to be attacked by viruses to us, the elderly, so we don’t risk to end up worse than the little ones.

Tip number 1: Wash your hands

lavar manos

It is an indispensable gesture. Wash hands thoroughly and frequently, especially after picking up used tissues. Hands are the main way by which many bacteria and viruses reach the body, so keeping them clean is critical.

Tip number 2: Drink lots of water

With “much” we are referring to more than what is normally recommended. It is necessary to maintain up the hydration. Most important the water helps to decongest the nose by diluting the nasal secretions and facilitating their cleaning.

beber liquido

Tip number 3: Outdoors

We are not saying that you have to go to the street with -2º. We refer to the fact that bacteria and viruses do not live outdoors and in clean environment, but in the closed and warm places, such as your house. Therefore, we encourage you, when you can, to get out in the sun well sheltered. If you can practice exercise or some other sport (something that helps increase the natural defences of children and adults) which are better practiced in the open air instead of closed sports facilities, which in these days are full of viruses.

Tip number 4: Rest

If you are already seeing that your little one is feeling a bit bad or you yourself are not feeling well … then rest. The more we fatigue the body, the worse defence we will have and we will surrender to the virus before anything else. Researches show that stress also plays a very important role. This is valid for children and adults. The body invests energy in fighting the disease so the more rested we are, the better is for our body to fight it. If your kids will miss karate classes for a few days, nothing will happen to them either. Put your health in first place.
descansar y oblumi

Tip number 5: Patience

Patience is the mother of all sciences. It is said that flu usually lasts for 7 days with medication and a week without them … So whatever you do, what you should worry about is that it does not get complicated and go from that number of days. The little ones will have a bad time and the same begin to have mania to Frozen’s cold but … that is only that!

With Oblumi tapp is not that the flu is cured in less time but at least measuring the temperature to see if they have a fever is not getting so difficult. It is all recorded and it calculates the dose of medication that you have to give them so that you only have to worry about grabbing them and make them swallow the magic potion, which is already a work of nothing. You can see that Oblumi tapp is like the “magic toy” and so it is a little more enjoyable at the end.

Get them to be entertained at home and the time of discomfort will result less unpleasant.

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