When we look for the definition of PEACE we usually find it next to a meaning in which its opposite word is mentioned: war. It is customary to define peace as “a time of No War”. In other words, the elderly, the adults, we define peace as all that time in which we are calm, without wars, without arguments, without “meddling” with anyone or that nobody “meddles” with us. That time when we don’t hit or beat each other. We don’t fight, we don’t scream… we’re in peace.

Now that the new school year is beginning, we should look at ourselves a little more, analyze ourselves and understand that the definition we give our children about what peace is and what that beautiful word consists of will depend on what they do during the rest of the course, and their lives.

paz peace

“According to Unesco, two out of every 10 pupils suffer bullying or, in other words, some 246 million young people – children and adolescents – suffer bullying on the planet. The most common is verbal aggression. Among the severe sequelae suffered by those who suffer from it are problems of self-esteem, helplessness, rejection and poor school performance, among others.”

The research, conducted in Arizona, has been published in the American Psychological Association journal and this study “is the first to evaluate subjects over time and analyze the relationship between bullying and school performance.

When there´s no peace at school.

We always talk about classrooms, schools and this problem within the margins that limit this school space, as if the problem were outside schools.

Children are individuals whose first references and teachings are received at home. How is it going to be the teacher’s problem if a child hits and mistreats another student after leaving school? What power does a teacher have to educate a child who is not his or her own? How can parents demand that schools take action if they do not take action themselves at home? Do parents really know their children?

abuso escolar

What future awaits us if today’s children mistreat their peers and adults are not able to teach them values?

One of the most seen types of bullying is one in which the bullied child is very intelligent and bullies attack him or her for feeling underage by using the strength to feel superior.

What values are we instilling when intelligence is attacked instead of praised?

día de la paz

We have to fight but to ensure that the definition of PEACE does not contain that of WAR. When we get it….

This year’s UN theme campaign is “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”.

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