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Woman, today you don´t have anything to celebrate

We feel so blunt with the title but it’s the truth. #TheNowFamily men and women who, today, March 8th, is not a day of celebration because, unfortunately, you can not make a party of something or something that has not been achieved and that is still a scourge in society .

March 8 is a day of vindication, a day of protest, not a party or a celebration. It is a day when women around the world should raise their voices to protest the inequality and mistreatment to which they are still subjected and as a denunciation of it.


There are those who do not agree with having this “special” day so important exclusively for women in the world calendar. But the truth is that, as has already been said, it should not be taken as a holiday or to be proud. But as a day to claim rights because, it would not be necessary if:

– 1 in 3 women, according to united nations suffer violence, abuse, abuse or some form of sexual assault.

– The UN estimates that more than 30 million girls under the age of 15 are at risk for female genital mutilation.

– Because there are those who still think that a girl of 4 to 6 years can be sexy with a nurse or doctor, and not “professional”.

enfermera sexy una niña

– Because women still can not decide on their own body. Moreover, this year 2016 has been tried to ban abortion in Poland.

– Because this same year, a little over a month ago, the decriminalization of gender violence in Russia has been approved. A country in which between 12,000 and 14,000 women die every year at the hands of their partners, 36,000 are beaten daily by their partners … A country where every 40 minutes a woman dies of gender violence.

manifestación 2

– Because we are in a world where in 2016 was a brutal year in terms of numbers of feminicides and rapes, highlighting the outrageous violation committed against a child under 16 by more than 30 “people” and whose aggression was exposed in a video In social networks.

– Because the image of a woman wearing a transparent bra can be in the advertising of a bus stop but a mother can not breastfeed her child to nurse it calmly without feeling the looks of men (and women) on top of her breasts.

mama lactancia

– Because in the 21st century, we have MEPs in Europe, in the Brussels chambers who think that “Women should earn less because they are weaker and less intelligent”

As Patricia Tablado tells us, a hard-working, enterprising woman and mother, who set up her company (Community Madre) when she was fired for getting pregnant:

Patricia T

“March 8 is necessary because women are less than 30% of people occupying leadership positions when they are half the society. It is also necessary because we earn less for the same jobs and we are supposed to be less capable, especially at the time when we started to have children, as if maternity erased our knowledge. You may not find statistics on the latter, but if you stop to ask the women around you will see that it is the tonic in the world of work. “

Men talk, too.

Also included in TheNowFamily are parents, friends, co-workers, men who share their life time, leisure and work with women, like our colleague Giorgio.

“For a man to talk about women, especially on such a special day, it is never easy … but I would like to get a little inspired by Thomas Aquinas, an Italian scholastic philosopher and friar who in the 13th century said: The world would be imperfect without the presence of the woman. “

This is a trivial example, because women complement us, show us the other side of things, improve us and complete us. For this and many other reasons is that women deserve more respect, a respect that, despite the progress made in the last 40 years, is not 100% achieved.

I give them an example so that they can understand more easily than we speak: Do you know how a woman feels after going out to dinner and has to go home? You can almost touch with the hand the anxiety and fear that they have in every corner that they have to cross. They walk fast and then, when they finally reach the door of the house they have the feeling that they have achieved a triumph. A triumph come home? Is not that supposed to be normal? I do not know any man who is afraid to stay alone in the street to go home.

By 2017 this is no longer acceptable. It is useless to speak of equality, of equity, of parity if the basis of respect is not in our heads.

Today is not a day for women to celebrate, it is a day when we must think about whether our society allows women to be able to celebrate. “

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