And your name is… Skywalker

Yes, finally that so-waited moment is coming. Your baby is already here in your arms, ready to be cuddled and loved. You imagine yourself calling him/her “My sweet baby” all the time but… what about others…? How will others call your baby? Your baby has to have a name, isn’t it? Do you think your “baby” will appreciate you calling them “baby” when having 15 years? When those teenage hormones are running through their veins as a Russian roulette with ups and downs, it would be better for them to have at least a name to not be upset with!

Choosing a name for your baby is a serious business! So, it would be better to take it with the right attitude. This moment is the one which brings discussions between different parts of the family. Daddy wants  to name him like the latest famous soccer player, mummy wants the most original name for him. And what about grandpa? And grandma? They have their right on this, too!

It is true, there are no official written rules on naming your baby, but there are names which have a better “sound” and others which, well, definitively don’t have any kind of sound.

There are countries, for example New Zealand, which in 1995 already had the official list with names that you’re simply not allowed to give to your baby. Some examples? Names like Sir, Bishop or MMMR (Mean-Median-Mode-Range, the mathematical function) cannot be legally used for naming your baby. But, seriously, who would like to use those names?

tatuaje niño

Naming your baby is like having a tattoo on your skin. It is forever. This is why after having  some advices from #TheNowFamily community, here is a brief list of simple and short advices to take in count when choosing the name.

1. The surnames your baby will carry. This should be taken in consideration of you think about all those moments when he will be called. During the classes it would be better for your child to avoid those embarrassing moments. Isn’t it?

2. Unique names. Well, you would love to call your baby Kapono, but please, please, check that word in any language possible if this means anything. In a world without borders, where traveling is so easy, you never know where your child will live. And, as a general rule, avoid bad reputation from start for your child.

bebe punjabi

3. No need for others opinions. And we would like to add, not even to your closest friend or parent. The name’s choice should be personal. If you ask your family for advices, his family (daddy’s one) will want to have their part on this too, isn’t it? The result? A chaos! Better to avoid. This decision is all within the couple.

4. There is no way to return on this. Which means that once it is chosen there is only space for prayers, hoping that he/she will enjoy it. As mentioned above names are like tattoos. Yes, you can change it but there is a long and tedious process and like deleting a tattoos, it can badly hurt.


5. The pronunciation. Another essential aspect to be taken in consideration is exactly this. As simple as it could be, the pronunciation has its role in choosing the name! Long names like Harrison becoming Harry or Christopher becoming Chris, Eveline becoming Eva, lose their enchantment.

6. Pay the expert. Last but not least, we should name this option, in case your imagination is struggling coming up with an idea. A baby-naming agency in Switzerland, called Erfolgswelle, is charging a princely sum to parents who want to ensure they’re calling their child the best possible name.  No discussion in the family, no risk to undergo, the sure way.

And, if after all these advices, still don’t have an idea on the name to use, here are some examples. But, don’t complicate yourself too much.

Simple is better.

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