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Zapp´s Family: 17 years journey. 4 children. Love hasn´t a specific place.

“The World will always be there for you. But you will not always be in the world. Time passes and there is nothing that can be done. The only thing is not to let your life go as well. “

Anyone who has fallen in love at least twice in their lives knows that every story is likely to be different and unique, but today we have changed our way of approaching a partner. But love is a complex force and as such, sometimes it offers film scripts.

This is exactly the case with Herman and Candelaria Zapp who in 2000 decided that their life would be like a movie … a film in which the journey would have been the protagonist. An on-the-road trip aboard a 1928 Graham-Paige.

coche familia

It had to be a short trip, for a few months. They had planned a vertical crossing of America from south to north. They returned 17 years later and with four children. The first, Pampa, was born in the United States three years after the start of the trip while the other three were born in other places in the world: Tehue in Argentina, Paloma in Canada and Wallaby in Australia.

Life on the Road never frightened them because they did not want to earn money to make money. They are resolute in their dreams and have considered money as a means to realize it, and never as an end in themselves, for which they realized the Traveling only by selling the paintings that Candelaria made during the trip.

In #TheNowFamily, we have interviewed them for you, because we believe that no one as them can represent, though extremely, the concept of family and education.

Initially, your trip would have been 6 months. Would you ever think it would last as much as 17 years?

We could never have imagined traveling for so long. Already six months there seemed to be an eternity, and above all, never and ever could we have thought that on our way they could have accompanied our 4 children. It just happened.

What has made you understand that the trip could become your routine, in which you build a family too?

Simply this trip has allowed us to know ourselves, to live as happy as ever before, full of life .. so, instead of stopping, we decided to continue. The fact is that you never stop discovering and discovering during a trip, so we simply did not want to miss this opportunity.

Surely you will have had difficult moments. Is there any particular you want to tell?

Mhh … So … Ah .. Once we were without a euro in the worst economic time of Ecuador, a country where health insurance is not guaranteed free of charge, so it was really complicated to cross the Amazon alone, Without aid, and above all without money, even to pay for the ships. But this was only a difficult time but not a problem, because when one wants to realize a dream, there are no problems, but only challenges. And what a nice thing to have.

el coche

Have you ever been afraid of your children? What do you think is the greatest teaching you have given him?

It is clear that all parents are afraid that something can happen to their son. This is normal, as it is normal to be aware that if we put children into the world, we must also teach him what the world is and I personally believe that there is no better way to do so to allow him to grow in traveling to this wonderful world.

That being said, the greatest insight we have given him is that they were born into a dream, and this dream has lived and in this they have been trapped. So they definitely learned not to fear their own dreams, but to chase them.

Another life lesson they have is that they will never be afraid of anyone because they have learned to stay with so many different people who have hosted, helped us, and with whom we have shared so much.

Herman and Candelaria Zapp are now in Europe for the final stage of their trip. When they have visited the Old Continent, they will return to Argentina on a stable basis. “Maybe”.

familia al sol

Will you come back to your home in Argentina? And if so, what are you waiting for?

Yes sure. When we left the countryside, we left our home … and we just went to know her better, so we never stopped staying in the nicest place in the universe. We will return to Argentina for the family that we have been so far away.

As for how to return to Argentina, stop traveling and stay in the same place, I have no idea. However, we have learned all the time to adapt to it … for which we can safely rescue.

This movie story is documented on your Facebook page (with blogs) with photos and videos. Do you consider somehow a #TheNowFamily?

I think that as a family we can not be labeled in any way … (laughs), the good thing is that we are us!

Familia actual

Anyway, we have a Facebook page where every two to three weeks we set up something, but lately we do not update it any more … Given the 17 years of travel, we have fewer posts than someone who has only traveled for a year.

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